Now a days, .NET is one of the most popular languages by employers and IT Companies. There are many software professionals who are in the market already and also taking a good package from employers and industry. You can also become like those professionals and can grab a good salary package for .NET language jobs.

Course Description

This course is design to develop web application using .Net Technologies. Microsoft’s ASP.net is a server-side scripting technology that can be used to create dynamic and interactive Web applications. An ASP.net page is an HTML page that contains server-side scripts that are processed by a web server before being sent to the user’s browser. You can combine ASP with Extensible Markup Language (XML) and Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) to create powerful interactive Web sites. ASP.net coding is more “compact” than ASP code; the scripts required to perform a given function are shorter in ASP.net than they are in ASP.

At Takshila, we have experienced and professional trainers to provide quality level of education to our students and make their future bright.

After completing this course student will –

  • Understand the C#, Asp.Net & Ado.Net languages features .
  • Design, Develop, Debug and Deploy C# & Asp.Net based Web Application
  • Host a Live Website on Internet as a Project Training
  • Interact with Server using Web Services

Course Content

.NET/C# Framework
C# Languages Fundamentals
Developing Console Application
Working with Classes and Objects
Working with Collections
Exception Handling
Inheritance,Interface & Polymorphism
C# Features/General Features
Data Streams and Files
Working with Components/Assemblies
Packaging and Deployment
Debugging and Tracing


Basic Of HTML and JavaScript
Introduction to ASP.NET
Web Forms
Using Web Controls
Masterpages and UserControl
ASP.NET State Management
ASP Intrinsic Objects
ASP.NET Web Application
Data Access Controls
Trace Functionality
Globalization and Localization


Introduction to MVC
First MVC Application
The MVC Pattern
Exploring Controller’s
Exploring Razor Views
HTML Helpers
Model Binders
and Validations
CRUD Operations using Entity Framework
Caching in ASP.NET MVC
Exception Handling in ASP.NET MVC
Working with Areas
Ajax and Client Scripting

Live ASP.net MVC Website

Course Duration

60 hours


  • Candiadate have knowledge about any basic C & C++ programming language
  • HTML, CSS sure would help you a lot if you are upto web development.

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